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Health Match 360

Rapid validation of a therapist matching web app

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验证产品的假设,理解用户的ney, prioritize next features

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Clarity about how people used the product and how to grow it. Successfully won a Grant to build out the validated prototype.

Screenshots from the Health Match 360 Prototype

Quote from the Health Match 360 project

Participating in the Product Design Sprint was like a slingshot and positioned us to be much more competitive for grants and accelerator programs and also left us with a clear picture of next steps.

Dr. Bailey Bryant
Health Match 360 CEO and co-founder

About Health Match 330

Health Match 360 approached thoughtbot with an app that helps people find therapists.

Health Match 360 is a service for matching prospective patients with licensed mental health therapists in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Clients seeking therapy create a secure account, complete a questionnaire about their needs and preferences, and receive a connection to a therapist through Health Match 360’s proprietary matching algorithm.

The algorithm prioritizes therapeutic fit and considers the style and personality of the therapist. To help clients get the help they need quickly, all Health Match 360 therapists agree to offer a free 15 minute phone consultation and an intake appointment within 2 weeks.

The Challenge

Health Match 360 had a pre-revenue and bootstrapped first-iteration MVP and needed guidance in design and product direction.

Bailey Bryant (Founder) is a licensed clinical psychologist with a passion for increasing accessibility to good mental healthcare. She and her partner, Jeremiah Harlan (CTO), applied forthoughtbot's pro-bono Product Design Sprint initiative.

Photos from the Health Match 360 Design Sprint

The Solution

The team conducted a five-day research, design, and testing exercise.

Insignbot ran为健康比赛进行了设计冲刺360,以测试为首次MVP迭代所做的假设。Insignbot设计师与Bailey和Jeremiah合作,将问题陈述,用户旅程和假设分离出来的Sprint的第一天内。在第二天结束时,团队有一个完整的用户旅程的故事板进行测试。在接下来的两天内,互动原型在故事板上被建造。假设被组织到一个表中,其中包含验证标准和测试方法,这些方法都通知原型和面试脚本。

The Prototype

Figuring out where to go next

After identifying what to focus on, thoughtbot interviewed a range of prospective clients and had them navigate an interactive prototype. Both the interview script and the prototype contained ideas to test and get feedback on.

In conducting these interviews, thoughtbot was able to quickly validate and invalidate ideas for where to grow the Health Match 360 service. In addition, valuable ideas and insights were captured about prospective features and directions the service could take.

Quote from Health Match 360 project

Every thoughtbotter we met was amazing. Each person was warm, supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful. I felt like I could let go of the reigns for a week and follow their lead which was such a wonderful experience. As a founder it’s rare to experience other people being as excited and invested in your company as you are; but for the week of the PDS I felt that I was surrounded by people who were “in it” with me and all pulling in the same direction.

Dr. Bailey Bryant
Health Match 360 CEO and co-founder

What does success look like for your project?


Winning a Grant with the prototype

Immediately following the PDS, the Health Match 360 founders applied for a Grant using the output of the PDS to build their case. A few weeks later, they were thrilled to learn their proposal had been accepted. Bailey and Jeremiah confidently pitched that they had a validated business need to build out a patient-tested prototype which would bring their company to the next level. Congrats to the whole team!